Camera Violations

What is a photo red light violation?

The City of Saint Louis has adopted regulations for the automated enforcement of Saint Louis City Traffic code ordinance 66868. Accordingly, pursuant to the terms of code, the Saint Louis Metropolitan Police Department is authorized to install and operate an Automated Red Light Enforcement system within the City for the purpose of enforcing traffic control signal regulations. A vehicle may not enter an intersection when the traffic control light is in the red phase. In the absence of a yield sign, a vehicle can make a right turn on the red, only after making a complete stop, and assuring that it is safe to proceed.

What if the registered owner was not driving the vehicle at the time of the violation?

The registered owner of a vehicle is mailed the Notice of Violation. If, at the time and place of the violation, the motor vehicle was being operated by a person other than the Owner of the vehicle or the license plate captured by the Automated Traffic Control System recorded Image was stolen, the Owner may submit information to that effect by affidavit, on a form provided by the Saint Louis Municipal Court prior to the municipal court proceeding or under the oath at the municipal court proceeding. To request a court hearing contact the court at 314 622-3231.

What is the fine?

The photo red light fine in Saint Louis is $100.00.
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How can I verify my Camera Violation online?

Please go to: